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Hey, I am Dhruv!

A Programmer, a CSE student and a Geek

I am a Software Engineering student from India. I have worked in various tech domains including Web Development, Android Development, Cloud Computing, Python programming, etc. I have successfully completed some technical courses from platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, pluralsight, etc. I am also experienced with the deployment and server side stuff(including Linux).


Notable Projects

Ping Pong Game
Ping Pong
StarWars Game using Pygame
StarWars Wars
Whatsapp Bot
Whatsapp Message Schedular

Whatsapp for Web Clone
Ping Pong
Snake Game using Pygame
StarWars Wars
Flappy Bird using Pygame
Whatsapp Message Schedular


  • Got in the top 300 teams in IEEE Xtreme all over Globe in 2019
  • Contributed to several open source projects on Github
  • Helped peers with coding and tech related things.
  • 5 stars in C++ and Python on HackerRank
  • 3 stars on CodeChef

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